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Krokodove v7.00.03 beta

Krokodove 7.00 is a release with serveral new tools but mainly an entirely new toolset: 3d regions. Think of it as masks, but in 3D, which allow you to control (some of my) 3D tools. I promise to release new showcase compositions to illustrate the possibilities… if you first help me to get this release stable?

Currently it’s only available for Fusion 6.4 and  8.2 (Studio only!) for Windows. The Mac and Linux build will come, as soon as I get the SDK sorted out with Blackmagic.
Make sure you install the proper version as they all come together in a single file.

Download Krokodove v7.00.03 beta, 64-bit for Fusion 6.4 and 8.0 Windows

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Krokodove v6.40

In this Krokodove release you will find a few new tools but it is mainly intended to comply with the new Fusion 8.0 (Studio) release for both PC and Mac.
For now we’ll also keep supporting Fusion 6.4 and Fusion 7.7. Make sure you install the proper version as they all come together in a single file…

Download Krokodove v6.42, 64-bit for Fusion 6.4, 7.7, 8.0 PC & Mac

As the underlying architecture changed somewhat (for all versions) please report back any issues you might encounter.

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Krokodove v5.61

A serious fix and a small addition…
. krokodove v5.61, 32-bit
. krokodove v5.61, 64-bit
(for Fusion 6.10 or later.)

    • Connect 3D
      Fixed a few serious crashes; most notably when you connected multiple (merged) objects to its main input. BTW. All merged objects will be “Connect3D”ed individually…
    • Connect
      A simple tools which connects points with a line (I always hated polylines with published points).

Krokodove v5.60

Another interesting release, I believe…

  • Connect 3D
    Connect vertices or particles… Too many options too explain. Keep an eye on the showcase to discover the possibilities. This tool is somewhat unfinished and therefore carries a beta-label for now. (Requests to play with it were too frequent to hold it back any longer.)
  • Mapped Duplicates 3D
    Spread and control object duplicates in XYZ space, controlled by images. This can generate very complex geometry. Handle with care, buy some additional memory and don’t drink too much coffee.
  • Retime 3D
    A simple 3D retiming tool. Not only shift time (which could be done with the Duplicate 3D), but also change speed or stretch as you like.
  • Segment Transform
    Grid patterned transforming of your image.
  • Transform
    Transform? Transform! Nothing more than a simple Fusion imitation, but with the added bonus of having the Warp Mask feature, common to all Krokodove warp tools .