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How about Mac?

Hi everyone,
Hi Fusion lovers,
Hi Krokodove lovers,

Every now and then, and typically with every new Resolve/Fusion release they ask me whether Krokodove will support it. Or whether I will (finally) port it to the latest Mac release. Loyal as I tend to be, I typically reply with a “hopefully soon”. But to be honest, however brilliant I think Fusion is, and however much I learned to appreciate Resolve, my time is limited, and my heart isn’t there anymore.

Unfortunately Blackmagic Design is not the partner Eyeon used to be. Several of the brilliant people are still there. And I’m sure they’re still doing their best work. But as an independent developer of (free) tools, I’m not sure it’s worth more than I can afford for my own projects. And I am not a Mac user.

So honestly, don’t hold your breath.