Krokodove v5.40

So what’s new?

  • Cut 3D
    This cuts off other objects with a plane. For now it only works with triangle and quad meshes (not particles). Ideal for creating that fake reflection you always wanted 🙂
  • Fold Create 3D
    Nothing new here but, I broke backward compatibility somewhat and you’ll need to manually replace “KD_DataFoldInputs3D” with “KD_DataFoldCreateInputs3D” in your composition file (using Wordpad or Notepad or any other simple text editor you might have)
  • Object Create 3D
    This tool creates (simple) objects and serves more as a testbed for shapes I need internally. So most of the object types are invisible to you now, but this collection (the ones visible to you) will most likely grow rapidly over the next releases. For now I haven’t even taken care of hiding the unused sliders/controls.
  • Pack
    An image tool which fills up the shape with other shapes…
  • Rasterize
    Added a few sliders here and there… and they do something as well.

As a general note… For the next year, you may as well consider all Krokodove 3D tools in a permanent beta status. I’m using the tools myself daily, and as such, I try to keep them as s stable and backward compatible as possible. But there’s a lot of new ground to cover, and discover, and it’s unlikely it will go without further hiccups.