Krokodove v8.10.00

(Now includes a Windows build for Fusion 16 & Resolve 16)

A major version jump requires some major additions to the toolset. This release is all about adding Data Tools. For those familiar with Houdini, think CHOPs. For everyone else, think lists, sets or arrays of data. As soon as you want to deal with numbers in huge quantities, you want the tools to work with them somewhat intuitively.
This release is only scratching the surface of where I’d like to go with this. At this point only 3 tools really use data: DataDuplicates3D, sChartCreate and sPrimitiveCreate. I’ve only started with the basics, the Data Tools themselves. It’ll become increasingly interesting if I make more tools available to harvest data and open up all existing tools to use data (and I think almost half of the Fusion tools could make use of data in one way or another).

Remember though (regarding the data tools):

  • This is a beta release, or even more like a “proof of concept
  • There are plenty of loose and buggy ends I’m aware of. Still, don’t hesitate to report them
  • Some sort of “data-preview” is on top of my priority list and would be quite helpfull for ‘debugging’

For Fusion 16 and Resolve 16, only a Windows build for now. Mac & Linux have some issues still.

Download Krokodove v8.10.00, 64-bit for Fusion 6.0/7.0/8.0/9.0/16.0 & Resolve 16.0
Mac & Linux versions are not (yet) included for the latest version of Fusion/Resolve.

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